My head is bursting today. I’m delivering my very first qualification in Paediatric First Aid this week.

The hours and hours I’ve spent perfecting my lesson plans should stand me in good stead along with my wealth of practical experience within First Aid.

I think sometimes we are incredibly hard on ourselves, me especially. I’m hypercritical of everything I do. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes a lot of time and dedication to get where you want to go! Part of me is super excited as this is 8 months of hard work finally coming together in a professional setting.

Isn’t that everything I have ever wanted?

Of course it is, but at the moment my focus is on not falling to pieces and stumbling over my words, but practise makes perfect as they say!┬áDon’t worry I have my lavender oil at the ready, camomile tea, rescue remedy and what ever else I can cover myself in.

Mind over Matter! – Will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed!

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