I don’t think anything prepares you for the reality of running a business. I’ve been so focused on being the best First Aid instructor that I can be that I now go to bed thinking of First Aid, dream of First Aid and wake up with First Aid. Where do I find the time to think of spreadsheets I hear you say! Yes that has been my new challenge of the week. Have I tackled it? We shall see!

This whole year has very much been a huge learning curve and I have learned not only about running a business but also about myself.

At the end of every year I like to reflect back and look at everything I have achieved. It may take me a while this year. In moments when I feel that it’s all an uphill battle I have to give myself a little shake and remind myself of everything I have achieved.

Teaching parents First Aid is a wonderful privilege and the amount of interest in First Aid has blown me away. The world is changing and people everywhere are taking responsibility for themselves and each other. As I like to say in my Baby and Child First Aid Classes if you take one thing away, you have changed the outcome on that day.

So to everyone who has learned First Aid , have a little moment yourself to say well done!

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