This whole starting a business has opened my eyes to a new world of technology that I have been avoiding my entire life. But I’m actually starting to regret that it’s only now that I’m involving technology in my everyday life.

I recently went to a workshop at the business gateway learning all about websites and I came out feeling completely inspired. My mind was buzzing with ideas and I’ve started to look at this technology business as another way to be creative. Who would of thought that programming and being creative go hand in hand. I’ve been missing out all these years.

The gentlemen teaching the lessons was so incredibly passionate about his subject and talked at break neck speed to get as much information out as quickly as possible. I could of listened to him all day. You would be amazed at what we can learn about the internet.

It took me back to my school days when I got sent off to every lecture at every university in Glasgow on women into computing. I still remember some of the days vividly. It’s funny how life turns full circle and here I am that little girl back in that class at my computer.

This inner geek is loving every minute of this new world and if it helps you navigate my website with ease then it’s a win win situation all round.

I hope you enjoy seeing the changes too.

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