Oh my goodness what a month it’s been teaching so many children First Aid. They have loved it and I have loved teaching it.

So many excited faces, all eager to learn. My voice is only just coming back from all the talking I’ve being doing. The number of questions that I have been asked and the number of hands that went straight into the air whenever I asked a question. It still makes me smile today and will for a long time.

They learned all about calling for help and using a mobile without the code. To go home and learn their postcode so they could get help quicker. What to do if they find someone breathing or not breathing. But boy did they learn.

All I heard from the moment the class started to the moment the class ended was ‘miss, miss’

Henry you did an incredible job!

But I think the most important thing that was highlighted from teaching children is how well they actually learn First Aid and how much they actually enjoy it. It may be a simple action of learning how to use a phone or potentially pushing on someone’s heart to keep them alive but each and every child took something away from the classes.

Interestingly 95% of teachers think we should be including First Aid in the national curriculum and I have to agree. If we start teaching children at a young age then it changes a whole generation and perhaps we could see more and more people surviving from cardiac arrest.

Now that really would be changing the world!

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