Meet the parent!


Say hello to Margaret Thomson. She is a mother of a son called Gabriel and lives in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.


So what made you come along to a First Aid Class?

For myself it was about keeping my family safe. I’m a single mother, I only have myself to rely on so it was important for me to be fully equipped to be able to deal with anything and be up to date with everything.


Did you have particular worries regarding First Aid?

Well unfortunately I feel that the world is changing and I wanted to be equipped not just for my child but in case anything should happen in the street. For myself it was about learning as much as possible so that could help other people as well.


What did you most enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed the fact it was very informative and very easy to understand. I feel so much more confident about choking, which was my main worry as my son is always running around and constantly shoving something in his mouth to eat.


Do you feel confident now with your new skills?

I feel so much more confident in terms of knowledge, I think that alone would make me panic less and I think I would feel comfortable to actually help someone



What surprised you about learning First Aid?

How doing something simple like the recovery position could actually save a persons life.


How much would you recommend learning First Aid?

I think at least every household should have a family member first aid trained. It only takes one person to pass the knowledge on and my son has been learning from myself as well

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