Hello I’d like to introduce you to Kenny Walker he’s a Paramedic based in Glasgow west with 10 years experience and he’s offered to give us some insight into his job and some parenting tips for First Aid.


What’s the best advice you can give to a parent who comes across a First Aid situation involving their child?

Keep Calm ! I know that sounds easier said than done but your child will sense when you panic and then they will then start to panic. So stay as calm as possible.


What’s the most common situation you come across in your job when dealing with children?

Lots of bumps and bruises, Croup and high temperatures.


What’s the main reason for calling an ambulance?

Their child has not improved since seeing the GP or they haven’t actually seen the GP. Also that they are unsure on what to do for the best for their child or NHS 24 has called us.


What if the parents have forgotten that favourite toy once they have stepped into the ambulance?

Don’t worry we are very good at creating toys out of gloves and these days with technology Peppa pig is always easily accessible on my phone. Distracting a child and making them feel comfortable is all part of the service.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Helping a sick child get to the hospital and changing the outcome of their illness or accident.


How much would you recommend learning First Aid?

Every parent should learn First Aid as not only is it a Paramedic that can change the outcome for your child but the first few minutes in any First Aid emergency are incredibly critical and knowing what to do can change everything.

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