We are heading into winter and the temperature is dropping. So it’s that time of year for all those coughs, sneezes and splutters. The cold and flu viruses love to spread their germs through all our coughs and sneezes. They can actually live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours.
So how can we protect ourselves from getting the flu or the cold? 

Get your flu jab. 
It is more effective to get the vaccine before the flu season starts which is December to March. 
Practice good hand hygiene.
Wash your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds using soap and water. Making sure you dry them properly as damp hands attract germs. 
Get into good habits of washing your hands on a regular basis. Especially when visiting the toilet, after touching money, your face, anything dirty, nappy changing or before eating or touching food. 
Teach your children these habits too.

But what if you haven’t got anything to wash your hands with? 
You can use hand sanitizer.  There are some really lovely ones to buy and it means you will never get caught out when your out and about. 
 But most importantly try not to touch your mouth, eyes and nose as that’s how the germs infect the body. 

So if these viruses can live on firm surfaces for up to 24 hours. Think all those places around the home that everyone loves to touch. They could be a breeding ground for those germs. 
TV remote


Toilet flush

Computer screens

door handles 

Fridge doors

So don’t forget to give them a wipe down on a regular basis. 

Stay safe everyone and keep those bugs at bay x

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