It’s hot hot hot out there!

We hope you are all enjoying it and have the paddling pools and barbeques out to play. It’s not often we receive such hot weather, so don’t forget to take care and keep yourself and your family hydrated to protect everyone from the effects of the sun.

When we have too much sun we can suffer the effects of heat exhaustion.

What is heat exhaustion?

It’s the body’s response to losing water and salts through too much sweating. Your child could start to feel poorly late afternoon, early evening after being out in the sun all day.

Signs and symptoms:

Pale, clammy skin.

Nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, loss of appetite.

Hot to the touch but feel cold.


Move them to a cool, shaded area, remove excess clothing and lay them down.

Give them water to rehydrate or oral rehydration solutions or isotonic drinks that replace the salt from the body.

Seek medical advice.


Sunburn is red hot skin that is caused by too much sun. It usually gets better within 7 days and could peel or flake.


Get them out of the sun.

Cool them with a cool shower/ bath or use damp towels but make sure you don’t over cool.

Apply Aloe Vera.

Keep them hydrated with plenty of water.

Administer pain killers as per instructions.

Keep them covered and out of the sun until healed.

Always seek medical advice for any baby or small child.

Bites and Stings:


If you can still see the sting, use the edge of a credit card and scrape away.

Apply an ice pack and elevate if possible.

Monitor for an allergic reaction.

If they have been stung in the mouth give them an ice cube to suck or sips of water.

Stay safe everyone and make the most of this lovely weather and don’t forget if you are ever in doubt about theĀ welfare of your child or a child you are looking after, then please seek medical advice.

Helping Hands First Aid


(references: NHS Choices, Paediatric first aid made easy by Nigel Barraclough.)



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