Hello. I’m Theresa Gallagher. I started my career at Caledonian University studying a degree in Applied Biosciences.

This has given me extensive knowledge on how our bodies work. After this I got the travel bug and started working for an award winning airline for 16 years as a cabin supervisor. During this time I received annual first aid training and also gained hands on experience dealing with first aid incidents involving both children and adults, which I’m extremely grateful for.

After speaking to friends and family I realised that they knew very little or were very fearful of first aid situations. This made me wonder what kind of training is out there for parents and carers of children. As without my training I would be lost in a first aid situation. This inspired me to do further training and become a fully accredited first aid instructor.

So my goal is to provide you and your family with a quality learning experience in a friendly, relaxed environment which will enable you to respond effectively and perform lifesaving measures, if the need should ever arise. My classes are held within the community or even in the comfort of your own home. You can bring your baby along too.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge and experiences with you.

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“My husband and I attended a recent course after being very scared by a choking incident with our 11 month old son the month before. Theresa was a wonderful presenter. She was so friendly and approachable with so much great hands on experience. She illustrated the skills we needed in a simple and clear way that were easy to remember. Thank you so much.”

Mrs Carol Anderson

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“I just wanted to say that I was surprised how such a short course could make me feel much more confident as a parent. I now feel better prepared and less fearful if anything was to happen to any of my rowdy boys”

Susan McKenzie

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“Thank you Theresa for your wonderful course. I found it invaluable when you explained the cause of different injuries/conditions and the reason a particular treatment worked. Making things so simple and easy to understand has meant that I have remembered everything easily ( no mean feat with a memory like mine)”

Gillian Torrance

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Helping Hands First Aid offers affordable first aid classes for the whole family. Whether you are a grandparent, parent, carer or child, we have classes suitable for you. Our classes are relaxed and informative, so that you can leave feeling safe with your new found knowledge and skills. Knowing that if anything should happen you have the potential to protect your entire family.

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