Helping Hands Henry

So I’ve been hard at work developing Henry, my First Aid Character for teaching Children. It’s been incredibly important for me to include all the functional skills in my classes so…

Pre Course Nerves

My head is bursting today. I’m delivering my very first qualification in Paediatric First Aid this week. The hours and hours I’ve spent perfecting my lesson plans should stand me in good stead…

Private First Aid Classes

What a joy my private First Aid Classes have been. Part of me is always nervous as I don’t know what I am walking into, the unknown. Most are simply booked through a telephone call…

My Very Own Blog!

So here it is my own blog! So many occasions in my life I’ve not taken the time to fully celebrate. So I’ve promised myself I need to start celebrating my successes. So little photographs…




Helping Hands First Aid offers affordable first aid classes for the whole family. Whether you are a grandparent, parent, carer or child, we have classes suitable for you. Our classes are relaxed and informative, so that you can leave feeling safe with your new found knowledge and skills. Knowing that if anything should happen you have the potential to protect your entire family.

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